Earth has a 'Pulse'

Our pulse or the heartbeat is the first thing that is checked whenever we are knocked unconscious or keep still for a very long time. The reason is simple – it indicated whether we are dead or alive. Well, would you believe if someone told you that out planet Earth also has its own similar pulse? Though it may seem a bit difficult to digest, the piece of information is actually a fact that has been reported by scientists.

Earth has a 'Pulse'

Michael Rampino, a Geologist of New York University, recently carried out a study and found that Earth possesses a pulse of its own and also discovered a 27.5 million years old pulse. The exact reason behind the Earth’s pulse is sadly unknown but it seems that has led to clustered geological events. The scientists have discovered that important events in the history such as mass extinctions, volcanic eruptions, sea-level fluctuations, intraplate magmatism, changes in seafloor, etc. all occurred when this pulse was produced.

All such cataclysmic events occurred in a geologically small period of time for every 27.5 million years. The scientists were unable to figure out what caused this pulse and how it occurs. The scientists who conducted this study also predicted that a similar pulse will pop up after a period of 20 million years from now. So, should we be worried about our doom? Well, not really as we might already be dead in one or the other way.


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