The Sino-India border in Tibet is of strategic significance to both countries have  tens of thousands of troops and heavy  military  equipment standoff in Ladakh, which on the Chinese side is in the disputed Aksai Chin region.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has made his first  visit to Tibet Autonomous Region  this week. the first time as the country’s head, beginning his two-day tour at a contest border city near the Sino-India boundary in Arunachal Pradesh, on Wednesday.

Chinese state media said in Friday  that Xi, first visited Nyingchi in south-east TAR on Wednesday, near the McMahon Line dividing India and China, before he took an electric train on the newly inaugurated strategic railway route to Lhasa, the regional capital, on Thursday.

The ruling Chinese communist party has come under renewed  over what human rights groupsay is a nation wide effort to force ethnic minorities to be loyal to Beijing and Chinese culture and languages.

The Sino-India border in Tibet is of obvious strategic significance to both countries especially in the backdrop of the ongoing military standoff in eastern Ladakh  area, which on the Chinese side is in the disputed Aksai Chin region

This week’s visit to Tibet was a first for Xi as president and CPC general secretary; As China’s then vice-president, Xi led a delegation to.

 Chinese president visited Tibet since 1990 it was a first time visited  when then leader Jiang Zemin took a tour.

Xi’s predecessor, former president Hu Jintao, who was Tibet’s CPC chief during the late 1980s, never visited the region during his 10-year presidential tenure.

 Xi inspected after visit  a number of key infrastructure projects including the Tibet railway project and the Lhasa-Nyingchi route, an important rail line under the project, inaugurated last month. Lhasa on July 18, 2011   the 60th anniversary of “the peaceful liberation of Tibet’’

Xinhua showed Xi was accompanied by Zhang Youxia, a vice chairperson of China’s Central Military Commission and a senior general in the People’s Liberation Army.


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