James Gunn reveals his list of favourite songs of the year

Despite being best known for his work on Marvel’s strangest surprisingly realistic superheroes, Gunn’s credentials run further than just being a franchise movie producer. Gunn made his first time at the helm with the undervalued blood and gore flick, Slither, prior to coordinating Rainn Wilson as the Crimson Bolt, the underpowered, pipe-employing superhero of 2010’s Super. Gunn shuffled an adoration for both repulsiveness and superhero movies for quite a long time prior to joining his passion with Brightburn, where Gunn served as the film’s maker.

Presently, directing Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord, Gunn has taken to Instagram to share what he considers the best songs of the year with his Awesome Mix 2021. The playlist boasts an assortment of genres, with Gunn demonstrating an affinity for rock with the likes of The Vaccines and Brit troublemaker’s IDLES showing up, whilst the playlist also includes several best in class singer-songwriters, such as Mina Okabe and Joy Crookes. Not to disregard his own music-substantial work, there’s also a song from The Suicide Squad soundtrack on Gunn’s playlist. See the post underneath, or go straight to Spotify to look at the playlist in full:

The two Guardians movies conspicuously include music, specifically 1980s classics thanks to Starlord’s mixtapes from the brilliant time of pop and new wave rock. To a lesser degree, Gunn attempted to reflect Guardians success in The Suicide Squad by including a series of both previously released and unique songs. While managing to not go over created, the music never feels like a vital piece of The Suicide Squad’s DNA as it does in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Testament to this, the release of the two Guardians soundtracks affirmed their ubiquity, the first soundtrack turning into the fifth best-selling collection of 2014 and fixing charts across the globe.

While almost certainly music will highlight intensely in Guardians of the Galaxy 3, with still above and beyond a year to go until its release, data on how Guardians next section will play out is some way off from appearing – despite the fact that Gunn says the soundtrack has been prepared for quite a long time. Gunn has demonstrated to be knowledgeable in a wide cluster of genres, both inside filmmaking and in respect of his music taste, so anyway he looks to shape the eventual fate of the Guardians franchise, it’s in safe hands. While the sit tight for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is excruciating, Gunn will tempt Marvel fans next Christmas, when his Disney+ Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special arrives on schedule for the following festive season.


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