It is officially confirmed that Avatar Sequel is in progress

Details in regards to the sequels still stay scarce, however it has been affirmed that various actors from the first will be returning, including Sam Worthington as Jake, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Augustine, and Stephen Lang as Colonel Quaritch. Cameron has also previously uncovered that the sequels will investigate various biomes in Pandora, with Avatar 2 and 3 expected to occur basically in and around various bodies of water. Story details remain closely protected, yet Avatar 2 is relied upon to follow Jake and Neytiri as they leave their home with their three youngsters and battle to stay together notwithstanding new threats.

In new video Cameron sits down with Dune chief Denis Villeneuve to discuss, in addition to other things, his impending Avatar sequels. While Cameron doesn’t let an excess of slip, he does uncover that the sequels will be not quite the same as the first Avatar in the sense that portions of the films will happen on Earth as well as the anecdotal universe of Pandora. Look at Cameron’s full remark beneath:

“Just like Dune takes place across worlds, the later Avatars occur across, surely across two worlds, because some of it takes put on Earth as the story evolves.”

It is officially confirmed that Avatar Sequel is in progress

Cameron doesn’t uncover any further details, yet the uncover that Earth will assume a part in the coming sequels means that the Avatar universe can be extended incredibly. While Pandora, the lush, colorful universe of the first film, will still assume a significant part, investigating Earth creates a host of new world-building opportunities and expansions to the existing legend. Avatar takes place during the 22nd century and, in spite of the fact that audiences get to see some new human innovation in the film and a couple of brief glimpses of Earth (mostly in the erased scenes), what Earth and human progress really resemble 100 years in what’s to come is taken a subtle approach with mostly up.

Eventually, Cameron has made an enormous sandbox inside which to create his Avatar sequels and investigate Earth – the contention that left Jake deadened, and the reasons for venturing out to new solar systems can extend audiences’ connections to the story. It’s not satisfactory on the off chance that these Earth sequences will be flashbacks, side stories, or on the other hand assuming they will include primary characters like Jake and Neytiri really being transported there, yet the storytelling possibilities genuinely seem endless. Cameron made an energetic and ridiculously alive world with Pandora and it will be interesting to see how his version of a futuristic Earth compares. Avatar 2 is scheduled to release on December sixteenth, 2022.


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