Steven Spielberg uncovers the reason behind adapting West Side Story

Visionary director Steven Spielberg has uncovered that he’s been needing to adjust West Side Story since he was ten years of age. West Side Story is one of the most dearest and suffering musicals ever, with verses composed by the late Stephen Sondheim. In light of Romeo and Juliet, the original stage melodic opened on Broadway in 1957 and was first adjusted to movie in 1961 by directors Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins. West Side Story is set in 1950s New York and follows an illegal sentiment between two youngsters who are attached to match road groups, the Jets and the Sharks.

Presently, Spielberg has uncovered exactly how long he has been a fan of West Side Story. In a meeting with Empire, the director was inquired as to why he stood by so long to coordinate his first melodic. Spielberg answered by avowing that West Side Story was consistently the melodic he needed to adjust, “since [he] was 10 and paid attention to the original Broadway cast collection.” He additionally expressed that it is his “most loved melodic” and offering it to his youngsters implied it was just a “matter of time” before he made his own variation. Peruse his full reaction beneath:

Steven Spielberg uncovers the reason behind adapting West Side Story

“You know, I’ve posed that inquiry to myself many, ordinarily, on the grounds that it was in every case West Side Story I needed to do. Since I was 10 and paid attention to the original Broadway cast collection, straight up until I saw the ’61 movie – the splendid, supreme exemplary by Robert Wise and Jerry Robbins – and directly through the stage creations I’ve seen throughout the long term, it’s simply been my beloved melodic, and the music has been a major part of my life, for my entire life.”

Spielberg proceeded to underline that offering West Side Story to his kids was significant for him, too and unmistakably his suffering affection for the source material is the thing that aided make his variation such a thundering achievement. The way that Spielberg has such a passionate association with the movie improves the entire experience both for the crowd and for the director himself.

Spielberg’s warmth for West Side Story demonstrates that he was the right director to assume the amazing undertaking of making a generally welcomed revamp. Many idea it was trivial to return to the melodic on the grounds that such an ideal film variation previously existed, however the predominantly certain surveys for West Side Story propose that Spielberg ought to never be underrated. Notwithstanding class, the director is by all accounts ready to put stories on screen that reverberate with everybody.


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