As many as 12 people were killed being trapped on the flooded underground Line 5 of Zhengzhou subway in China after water seeped into the trains .

33 people died  and several still  missing as rescue operations continue  the worst flood in China in 1,000 years. Torrential rains triggered landslides and the floods, leading inundated  neighbourhoods,  trapped passengers in subway cars, and even overflowing dams.

Henan, which is China’s most populous province, has been worst affected. Several thousand who are trapped are reportedly being evacuated. In Henan’s capital Zhengzhou  home to 12 million people  as many as 12 people  killed after they were  being trapped for hours on a flooded subway line.

CNN reported, on social media, some survivors have now shared how water entered and caused disaster on the underground Line 5 of the Zhengzhou subway.  The incident unfolded during the evening rush hour on Tuesday wherein several passengers were trapped after rising rainwater entered into the tunnel and seeped inside the trains.

CNN quoted write Weibo“We tried to stand on seats  we could, but even then, the water reached our chests in the end” .

The CNN report added At this time, she heard another woman providing her family with her bank details over the phone, and she wondered if she should follow suit. She ended up sending a message to her mother, telling her that she “might not make it.” She spent the next two and half hours on the “brink of breakdown” while awaiting rescue.

The woman,  due to lack of oxygen and was awakened by a call from her mother, who informed that rescue was on the way. It was then that she heard footsteps atop the train as firefighters smashed open the windows to let fresh air in.

Eventually, more rescuers arrived before the passengers were evacuated one after another  those who fainted first, followed by women.

 Some other people around her also cried. Several others attempted to call an emergency number and even asked their family and friends to get help, but to no avail. She said that among the passengers were pregnant women, elderly people, and even children.


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