Iron Man

In Hawkeye episode 3, Clint Barton doesn’t think he’s a good example to Kate Bishop, and it begs the question of whether Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) or Doctor Strange are also suitable mentors for Spider-Man. Barton (Jeremy Renner) met his biggest fan in Kate (Hailee Steinfeld), who demonstrated herself after Hawkeye as one of the world’s best archers and a potential superhero. She obviously wants Barton to mentor her, and Hawkeye addresses the interesting question about whether the Avengers, as flawed as they are, should be good examples to the more youthful generation.

Notwithstanding, Kate is also correct when she countered Clint’s claims and pointed out that Barton is a saint. According to her point of view, Barton put himself at risk to help Kate, a total stranger, when she was attacked by the Tracksuit Mafia, and he’s altruistically helping her while she’s caught up in a criminal conspiracy, giving up his Christmas plans with his family in the process. In any case, Hawkeye is hiding some important truths from Kate about why Hawkeye wants the Ronin suit back. In contrast, Tony Stark didn’t conceal any major bombshells from Peter Parker although his decision to enlist the totally untested high schooler for a dangerous battle against half of the Avengers was questionable, at best.

Meanwhile, Kate accidentally killed a truck brimming with Tracksuit Mafia goons with an explosive arrow and she wasn’t fazed by it. This hints that Bishop, who grew up rich and spoiled like Tony Stark, is much more like Iron Man than she’s aware of. One of Hawkeye’s first scenes shows her destroying a historical chime tower while at school because of a childish prank—something straight a good fit for a more youthful Stark. Truly the Avengers are indeed good examples if one looks at their overall, world-saving heroism, however each superhero from Iron Man to Hawkeye to Doctor Strange is a profoundly flawed human who has made awful mistakes.

However the Avengers also own up to their mistakes and attempt to set things right and that, in and of itself, is admirable. At the point when Kate Bishop finally learns reality that Hawkeye has been Ronin all along, it’ll be dependent upon her to decide whether the original Avenger is a commendable mentor. Just as Peter Parker made that decision for himself about Tony Stark, and will cast likely the same judgment about Doctor Strange in Spider-Man: No Way Home.


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