Razor Fist actor Florian Munteanu from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as of late discussed where he’d prefer to see his person go in a sequel and his desire to fight the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of Volverine. The German-Romanian actor, who became famous as a heavyweight fighter, made the transition into acting in Creed 2, where he played the son of Ivan Drago. Now he’s turned into a piece of Hollywood’s biggest franchise, as his person Razor Fist was included intensely in Shang-Chi recently.

In another meeting with CBM, Munteanu was asked concerning what he’d prefer to see occur with the person in a Shang-Chi sequel. The actor said that he thinks there are a great deal of stories to be told with the person, and that he’d prefer to dive further into the enthusiastic side of Razor Fist. He also expresses a desire to see the person cross paths and duke it out with Wolverine. His full response reads:

“Gracious, that is a tough question. That is a tough question, brother. First of all, I’m not giving too much away with this is that I feel like I need to show the passionate side of Razor Fist. I feel like there’s a ton behind the mask, behind that physique, it’s a person who has a great deal of heart and who certainly has a foundation story that is interesting to tell, so I need to go into profundity with that, showing that he’s something beyond a soldier, despite the fact that we see values like reliability, he sticks as far as possible with Wenwu, until he realizes that, alright, he has no other decision except for joining the other party, so they survive the ordeal. There are a ton of values there, I feel like family is vital to him and the Ten Rings turned into his family, so it would be interesting to see how he arrived and what was all the story around that, how he lost the arm.

There is so a lot to tell with this person, as you know, in the comic books, he has two blades and a wonderful matchup, and fans are sending me stuff from the comic books where Razor Fist really meets Wolverine, which I think would be a cool matchup, sharp edge against cutting edge. That sounds awesome to me, so I feel like there’s a great deal of potential.”

However Razor Fist wasn’t the most urgent person to the general story of Shang-Chi, he is a person that is ready for more investigation in a sequel or TV show. Investigating a greater amount of the Ten Rings association could be a good thought for a Disney+ smaller than expected series, which could also give a whole episode to Razor Fist. A Shang-Chi erased scene as of late uncovered that the person was supposed to bite the dust in the film, so that suggests Marvel might have plans for Razor Fist in future MCU projects.


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