Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly, the actress behind the deadly doll, Tiffany Valentine, in the Chucky franchise, reveals the studio complained that Seed of Chucky was “too gay.” Tilly joined the franchise as Tiffany in 1998’s Lady of the hour of Chucky, which was released 10 years after the original A piece of cake hit theaters. Notwithstanding her late arrival to the franchise, Tilly’s character immediately became a fan-favorite and an integral part of the Chucky folklore.

Tilly sat down with for a meeting and revealed that the movie studio originally complained that Seed of Chucky was “too gay” and “too entertaining.” According to the actress, the studio also thought “there was too much Jennifer Tilly” in the film. Tilly further explains that the studio told her “you’ve had your good times. We should settle that.” This incited Tilly to understand that future movies in the franchise would be “an entirely different situation.” View Tilly’s statement about the movie studio finding Seed of Chucky too gay beneath:

“I kind of understood that I was unable to play Tiffany forever. And after Seed of Chucky, the studio resembled, ‘That was too gay, it was too amusing, and there was too much Jennifer Tilly;’ because Seed of Chucky was somewhat the apex of gayness that we had John Waters and the genderfluid child and me walking around making wisecracks and I was a doll and Jennifer Tilly. So they similar to, ‘Okay, you’ve had your good times. We should settle that.’ So I understood it planned to be a totally different situation.”

Regardless of the movie studio’s complaints about Seed of Chucky, Tilly’s character has kept on springing up all through the franchise. While the later movies in the franchise experienced poor critical gathering, fans actually appreciated watching both Chucky and Tiffany wreak havoc on the world. These same fans can look forward to seeing Tilly repeating her job in the Chucky television series that airs each Tuesday on SYFY and USA.


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