Eternals star Kit Harington breaks down his character Dane Whitman’s superpowers according to his own point of view. Chloé Zhao’s Eternals, the latest film to arrive from the MCU, introduces 10 distinct enormous superheroes in an epic, millennia-spanning story. From the empathetic Sersi (Gemma Chan) to the stunningly solid Gilgamesh (Wear Lee), each Eternal has their own personality and range of abilities, and in charting their long-standing battle against the Deviants, Zhao set each character into their own place within the MCU. It appears to be possible that the majority of the characters from Eternals will return for another venture down the line.

The Dark Blade is a particularly interesting weapon, since it can just be utilized by somebody with a polluted heart. It also taints whoever utilizes it, and that part interested Harington when he initially talked about the part with Zhao and Eternals maker Nate Moore. Speaking to EW, Harington explained Dane’s future powers in his own words, stating:

“The thing is if you read up about him, his superpower is also his revile. Now if that happens [in the MCU] or not, we don’t have the foggiest idea. In this film Dane’s simply Dane, and stay as far as possible and you may see something fun.”

Black Knight has the potential to be not normal for any other superhero in the MCU, so hopefully he actually finds the opportunity to reach his full may. Along with Blade and Oscar Isaac’s upcoming Moon Knight, the MCU is turning towards darker heroes incredibly. It’ll be interesting to perceive how this shift mingles with the lighter side of the MCU, as this is a franchise that has always veered towards the happier, family-accommodating realm of comic books. As Eternals emphatically hinted, there is much ahead for Dane Whitman, and audiences probably can’t wait to perceive what will happen with him.


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