Greta Thunberg joined the march however didn’t speak, effort activists like Vanessa Nakate to handle a rally.

Police inactive twenty one scientists who enchained themselves along and blocked a road bridge over the stream Clyde.

Officers conjointly contained a group of socialist activists when pyrotechnics were set out throughout the march – one person was then inactive.

However the force same the day passed “largely while not incident”.

The “Global Day of Action for Climate Justice” march started at Kelvingrove Park within the west of the town and Queen’s Park within the south at concerning high noon and created its approach on a pre-agreed three-mile route to urban center inexperienced.

About a hundred global climate change demonstrations were command in different components of the united kingdom whereas events were conjointly going down in an exceedingly more a hundred countries as well as Kenya, Turkey, France, Brazil, Australia and Canada.
The gap speeches at the protest rally at urban center inexperienced came from representatives of native individuals round the globe.

Ugandan activist Vanessa Nakate later told protesters: “The climate and ecological crises are already here. however thus area unit voters from round the globe.

“Leaders seldom have the spirit to guide. It takes voters, individuals such as you and me, to rise up and demand action. And after we do this in nice enough numbers, our leaders can move.”

It was understood that Greta Thunberg set to administer house to different speakers as she had already self-addressed youth activists in an exceedingly march and rally on weekday.

Away from the march, twenty one protesters from Scientist Rebellion were inactive when chaining themselves along on the King King of England Bridge in urban center city center.

Charlie Gardner, an associate senior lecturer at Durell Institute of Conservation and Ecology, same scientists couldn’t “rely on our leaders to save lots of us anymore” and had a “moral duty to act”.

He tweeted: “Over 15,000 scientists declared that we’re in an exceedingly climate emergency, however most are not acting as if it’s associate degree emergency.

“We’re taking this action to encourage others, scientists and every one individuals, to get up in rebellion against the system that’s killing everything.”

Police Scotland closed the bridge to pedestrians and vehicles throughout the protest.

A exponent said: “We have expedited a peaceful protest, however to balance right to protest with public safety and rights of the broader community, our protest removal team is safely removing protesters.”

‘High spirits’

After the event at glasgow inexperienced spread, Assistant captain point of entry Ritchie same the atmosphere had been “generally smart natured”, with individuals in “high spirits”.

He confirmed one person had been inactive when a socialist cluster was contained and an extra twenty one were inactive following the King King of England Bridge incident.

He said: “Glasgow has these days hosted a public protest the scale and scale of that was on the far side something several folks – each at intervals and outwith policing – will ever keep in mind. i’m happy to mention these days has passed mostly while not incident.


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