More than 180 people  did not survive in Belgium and germany flooding through parts of Europe on wednesay and  Thursday.Paul and Madeline Brasseur with their  two sons were at home  in the Belgian town of Pepinster when the suddenly came water  late in the event.

“It was like a tsunami,” the way it entered the house and kept rising instead of retreating, said Mr. Paul Brasseur, 42. The water climbed below them family went upstairs and kept seeking safety during the night ,watching on the roof.

Mr. paul Brasseur said, “We started to see buildings collapse, people on the rooftops, buildings collapsing, falling into the water,”. A boat arrived to rescue the children, but it began taking on water while a makeshift jetty started to collapse. Mr. Brasseur held his sons back.

Then it was citizens,  best friend who came up over the rooftops and saved us, too. More than 180 people in Belgium and Germany didn’t survive the massive flooding that crashed through parts of Western Europe on Wednesday and Thursday. Thousands  of people who did, found their homes destroyed or badly battered.

 The 39 years old’s home and office were submerged and badly damaged, so doesn’t  know next step.“Thank God everybody in our house is still alive, but it was close.” The sounds of the water rushing into his building’s lower floors and of nearby screaming haunt him, he said.

 “We are not talking about a few thousand euros” to repair the damage, he said. “I made a   calculation we are talking about a few hundred thousand euros to rebuild the place.”

 In the Netherlands, thousands of people who evacuated threatened areas on Thursday and Friday started to return home to survey the damage on Saturday.

The Kant family’s car still was partially underwater. A single rubber boot floated in their flooded garden. Professor Ijmert Kant, 62, said he was grateful for their safety. Still, he added, the task of cleaning up the debris and repairing their home .

 In Belgium, Mr. Brasseur celebrated his 42nd birthday on Saturday. The occasion may have turned out nothing like the day he expected, but the important thing was that his family was safe and together, he said.

“My gift today,” Mr. Brasseurhe said, his voice breaking, “is that my family and all the friends who we were with are still alive.”


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