More than one hundred twenty members of the defense force are to be sent to assist eleven Scottish health boards with their Covid and respiratory illness vaccinum programmes. there’ll be a hundred vaccinators, fifteen nurses and 6 command and support workers – with NHS Grampian and NHS Lanarkshire due to receive the biggest share of the reinforcements. It comes as NHS Lothian and NHS dairy cattle and Arran last week warned of services being below severe pressure and urged patients to turn over before heading to emergency departments.
MPs told to wear face masks in Parliament

MPs and peers are told to wear face masks in Parliament amid an increase in Covid cases within the building. Until now, MPs may select whether or not or to not wear a mask as per the latest recommendation for England, that says folks ought to cowl their face around “people you do not usually meet”. Tours and banquet events are off and folks in Parliament are urged to follow social distancing. Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle same the principles would be reviewed in 2 weeks’ time.

Leicester Diwali events come back

After being cancelled last year thanks to the pandemic, street celebrations to mark the competition of Diwali are set to happen in Leicester on weekday and will feature a strolling “elephant” and a optical maser rainbow visible for miles around. The city’s Golden Mile typically plays host to 1 of the largest celebrations of Diwali outside Asian nation, with Hindus, Sikhs and Jains who observe the competition dressing up, change of state feasts and exchanging gifts. Leicester council same the events would hearth to previous years, with fireplace|a fireplace|a hearth}work show replaced by a fire garden, to cut back the chance of Covid transmission.


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