Northumberland organisation turned down an application for the 180ft (55m) Elizabeth Landmark at Cold Law close to Kirkwhelpington in 2019.

However, Lord Devonport, who desires to erect it on his estate, appealed.

The government’s designing body has currently dominated in his favour.

The landmark, designed by creative person Simon Hitchens with a steel spire inform towards the sun, are dedicated to the Queen and Commonwealth together with a walking path.

The initial designing application had been counseled for approval by the council’s officers, however its designing committee same the situation would be inappropriate.

More than one hundred objections had been received by Northumberland organisation.

Lord Devonport same he was “delighted” with the charm success and explained the project aimed to form “a impressive piece of design that acts as a beacon for guests and tourists to the region – benefiting the native rural economy and businesses alike”.
Fundraising and elaborate structural style work is ready to be undertaken before work starts on web site.

The theme is additionally set to incorporate a viewing area, little parking lot, a bronze map on a stone pedestal and steel inserts on the ground denoting the Commonwealth flag and distance markers to member-state capitals.

Artist man Hitchens said: “We still have an extended road sooner than us to bring this modern sculpture to fruition, nonetheless i’m sure that once completed it’ll be a major addition to the natural, and cultural, landscape of Northumberland.


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