A major incident has been declared when 2 trains collided in Salisbury, departure many folks hurt.

The collision happened close to London Road and concerned a South Western Railway and a good Western service.

A train driver, who was at bay, was treated by paramedics. In total, seventeen folks were taken to hospital.

The crash happened at 18:46 UT1 once one train hit an object in an exceedingly tunnel, and also the second train then collided with it because of signalling issues.
Angela Mattingly, who was on the train, said: “Everything went black and there have been red flashes and everything.

“There was suddenly plenty of shove, possessions being thrown around and that i suppose a number of folks went forward and hit their heads. you only do not know for a few of seconds what is happening.

Lucy Gregory added: “We were simply pull into Salisbury station and also the train felt a touch juddery.

“I’d simply stood up and place my coat on and my phone in my pocket once there was this huge impact and that i fell across the table.

“The table came off the wall and that i terminated up beneath another table. They smashed the windows and that we got out of the window. it had been very scarey.”

Corinna Anderson, 51, from Derby, was on the train from London Waterloo to Salisbury, wherever she was because of visit a lover.


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