New posters for the new Scream 2022 reflects Neve Campbell in Ghostface’s bloodied knife. The franchise initially won over horror fans in 1996 when Sidney Prescott (Campbell) turned into the objective of the lethal executioner referred to only as Ghostface. Four movies as of now make up the Scream franchise, and with the awful loss of director Wes Craven in 2015, fanatics of the motion pictures accepted it was the end for great. Notwithstanding, Ghostface will return once again, and the forthcoming new movie will be the first in the franchise’s quarter century history without the amazing horror director leading the charge. Taking the steerage from the late Wes Craven will be couple directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett.

The most recent Scream poster drops from Fandango’s Twitter and reflects Neve Campbell in Ghostface’s bloodied knife, topped by the popular words, “It’s consistently someone you know.” A hazy Ghostface hides behind the scenes, and the expression all over is a scary combination of catatonic.

Not including the MTV television collection series, fans’ last experience with Ghostface was ten years prior in 2011 when Scream 4 took to the big screen. Sidney Prescott and the group return to Woodsboro on the fifteenth commemoration of the original homicides. As in the movies before it, Ghostface begins a deadly frenzy, and the infamous slasher-style film digs into the secret of who is behind the veil. Scream 4 was the last coordinated by Craven, and it was met by criticism because of its worn out approach and inadequate alarms. Eventually, it ended up being the least grossing film in the franchise.

This most recent poster, and the ones leading ready, indeed seem to indicate that the most recent Ghostface executioner is someone fans know and are extremely mindful of the Ghostface archetypes. The whole Scream franchise works around the anticipation of who is behind the cover, and this picture of a dinky Ghostface reflecting Campbell in the bloodied knife proposes business as usual. Nevertheless, with new directors Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett confirming the trailer is loaded with distractions, who can say for sure what twists and turns might come in this most recent rendition of Scream. A few things will consistently remain something similar, in any case, and as the infamous motto goes regarding Ghostface, “it’s consistently someone you know.” Fans will at last find out who is behind the veil on January 14, 2022.


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