There have been very few global incidences that altered the functioning of the world and created as much havoc as COVID-19 did in the recent past.

 While almost every other industry faced a slump during the pandemic, the travel industry or more specifically aviation sector took a huge blow, so much so that experts are anticipating that we can only reach pre-pandemic levels of air travel by 2023. 

 Almost  all countries stopping international flights to contain the spread of the virus, and only a few allowing international travel even after 2 years of outbreak, there seems to be no respite for the industry to bounce back.  

A vaccine Passport is a travel pass of sorts that holds all the vaccinations and medical records for a hassle free international travel experience since every country has their own way of certifying its citizens.

A Vaccine Passport is by enlarge a fancy term used for a mobile app to help passengers easily and securely manage their health documents needed for travel in line with the government’s policy for either COVID-19 testing or vaccine information.

 The  modern-day Travel Pass is essentially a digital form of a Yellow Card. The first mass appeal to implement the COVID-19 passport was made by United Nations World Tourism Organisation .

 Various countries, independent bodies and airline companies have been pitching for the Vaccine Passports and some have already implemented the same. Here’s a brief list – 

China was the first country in the Asia Pacific to issue a COVID-19 certificate for its citizens, making them eligible for travel.

The Nordic state became the first country to issue vaccination certificates in 2020. All the citizens who have received two doses of vaccine are now eligible for a digital certificate.

 Israel’s health ministry unveiled a Green Passport that enables people who are already vaccinated to travel and be part of large gatherings. The passport is both digital and physical.

 World Health Organisation  commissioned The International Air Transport Association  to develop a tamper-proof vaccine passport called the IATA Travel Pass. 

Emirates has partnered with IATA to roll out a mobile application to create a ‘digital passport and became the first company globally to implement it. 

The COVID-19 passport implementation is facing a roadblock in multiple countries. While governments are eager to implement it sooner than ever, citizens and support groups are staging protests against the pass. 


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