Robert Pattinson

The Batman star Robert Pattinson uncovered that he wore Val Kilmer’s Batsuit during costume tests for the upcoming film dependent on the famous DC Comics legend. Pattinson stars as the nominal Caped Crusader and will be joined by Zoë Kravits, Andy Serkis, Jeffrey Wright, Paul Dano, and Colin Farrell. The Batman is coordinated by Matt Reeves, and is because of delivery on March 4, 2022. 

During The Batman board at DC Fandome, Reeves uncovered that during early screen tests for the film Pattinson wore the Batsuit that Kilmer wore in Batman Forever. Pattinson then reviewed the day he wore the costume, discussing how apprehensive he was and how troublesome it was to move about in Kilmer’s elastic/latex costume. Pattinson began that after two takes, Reeves inquired as to whether anything should be possible with regards to Pattinson’s sweating, with the actor jokingly responding nothing should be possible, and having to be drained of sweat thereafter. Look at Pattinson’s full memory underneath: 

“It was insane, yet I put it on and thinking ‘this is unthinkable, this will be totally inconceivable.’. I recollect you (Reeves) saying like, since I surmise simply trying to move, I mean wearing a kind of 2-inch thick elastic suit, a latex suit and being incredibly anxious and brimming with adrenaline the entire time. I recall that we preferred 2 takes and you were trying to say ‘What can we do about the perspiration?’, and I resembled ‘Nothing! There’s nothing that should be possible!’. I needed to like be drained of fluid!” 

With The Batman leaning towards a more grounded, practical methodology, it may shock long-term fans to hear that Pattinson tried with Kilmer’s Batsuit. Kilmer and Shumacher’s movies incline vigorously into the more extraordinary and cartoonish way to deal with the Batman mythos, leading to large numbers of its plans being intensely adapted, a long ways from what Pattinson and Reeves’ abrasive and fierce depiction is shaping up to be. Regardless of this, fans may now ponder exactly how The Batman star examined Kilmer’s suit.


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