New fan art has emerged imagining The Boys actor, Antony Starr, as Reverse Flash. The actor is perhaps most popular for portraying Homelander on the Amazon series, which is going to enter its third season. The Amazon series recently wrapped production on the most recent season, however no release premiere date has been reported at this point.

With season 3 of The Boys coming and a Flash movie nearing the finish of production, new fan art has emerged that mixes those two properties. In particular, content creator ApexForm has presented a picture on Instagram imagining what Antony Starr could look like as Reverse Flash. Look at it beneath:

The picture above clearly takes inspiration from the DCEU version of The Flash. It shows a mockup of Starr in a Reverse Flash outfit displayed after the one worn by Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, with a blurry picture of Barry took out in the background. However there is currently no indication that Reverse Flash will really appear in the upcoming Flash independent movie, this gives a smart thought of what a silver screen showdown between the characters could look like. While there is no genuine proof that Starr will play Reverse Flash, the inscription of the picture takes note of that, with the 2021 DC FanDome coming up, more casting declarations for DC-related projects could be on the horizon.

The reaction to this mockup has already been positive online, lending credence to the thought that Starr may really be a decent decision for the role. He has established a massive connection with crowds with his maniacal yet-charismatic portrayal of Homelander on The Boys, and a considerable lot of those menacing traits could conceivably transfer well to a portrayal of Reverse Flash. All things considered, crowds should watch out for what comes next. The Boys season 3 doesn’t currently have a release date, yet DC fans can look forward to The Flash when Barry Allen’s performance film debuts on November 4, 2022.


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