Halloween Kills

The official Twitter account for Halloween Kills conveyed a tweet this morning containing the final trailer for the film, however replies from Peacock have been covered up. The impending film is the following installment in Universal’s recognized slasher franchise, and is planned to be released both in theaters and streaming on Peacock. Halloween Kills is the continuation of Halloween (2018), which is a direct spin-off of Halloween (1978). None of the other movies featuring Michael Myers terrorizing the town of Haddonfield are part of this version of the franchise, including Rob Zombie’s reboot films from the 2000s. In other words, Halloween Kills will be the third installment in this version of the Michael Myers story. As revealed in the first trailer for Halloween Kills, Michael Myers survived the house fire set by Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) at the finish of Halloween (2018), and Laurie is once again on a mission to take down Michael.

Today, the @halloweenmovie Twitter account posted a tweet promoting the movie’s final trailer. The tweet incorporated the text “Not any more running. No more stowing away. It’s an ideal opportunity to face the substance of wickedness. Watch the final trailer for #HalloweenKills – In Theaters and Streaming only on @peacockTV October 15.” So far, Peacock has sent four replies, which have all been covered up by the official Halloween Kills twitter account. The secret replies can be seen below:

Universal’s decision to release Halloween Kills both in theaters and on Peacock on October 15 was recently announced. The streaming service has three tiers: Free (ad-supported), Premium ($4.99 per month), and Premium Plus ($9.99 per month). The film will be available to Premium and Premium Plus subscribers at no extra charge, yet it won’t be available on the free version of Peacock. The fact that the replies from Peacock were covered up by the official Halloween Kills Twitter account probably reflects the film team’s desire to avoid a conflict of interest.

The producers of Halloween Kills want it to perform well both in theaters and on streaming. Therefore, the film’s marketers would want to avoid showing favoritism toward the streaming service. Concealing the Peacock replies may also reflect the film marketing team’s desire to maintain control of its own narrative. The Halloween franchise is a brand, and actually like any other brand, it wants to communicate with its audience without interference from a third party.


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