An 18-year old student was found open fire at a university from 650 miles away in the east of Moscow. This situation brought about panic among people which lead to jumping from the window for their safety. The student had a shotgun that killed approximately six people and wounded more than dozens of people. The attack took place in the Perm, Russia as per the source, the committee that handles the major crimes.

The footage was released where the students were seen fleeing away by jumping from the first-floor window of the college, in the city Perm that is 650 miles away from the east of the Moscow until the security staff was able to capture or kill the suspect.

The investigation department is looking into the shooting case that has taken place at the University of Perm; to which we came across that six people were killed and twenty-eight victims required aid where some of the victims had to face severe injuries.

The initial report mentions that eight people died where later we came across that six death took place due to the gunman. The social media platform has come across many posts where the wounded victims were receiving treatments and a few reportedly died, as per the local report sources.

The gunman has been identified as a student of the University of Perm from the Law Faculty who was dressed all black, had shotguns, also was carrying cartridges and was masked into the helmet that was styled like a military’s helmet.


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