The work began publication in September 2009 and has sold more than 100 million copies. They create a giant ‘Attack on Titan’ manga that weighs more than 13 kilos and costs almost 1,200 euros.

The latest volume of the Attack on Titan manga went on sale this Wednesday in Japan , about 12 years after the series began to be published in Kodansha publisher’s Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

The volume 34 of the manga was released after two months of the publication of the final chapter of the popular manga author Hajime Isayama, 34, who has added extra content to the volume.

In the Tokyo district of Shibuya, the Tsutaya bookstore installed a special section for the distribution of the series and the clerks served customers from the first time now dressed as members of the Exploration Corps , one of the military organizations that make up the series and to which the main protagonists belong.

The work began publication in September 2009 and takes place in a fictional world in which human beings are on the brink of extinction and live in walled cities to protect themselves from the titans, gigantic humanoid creatures that devour people.

The main protagonist, Eren Yeager , is a teenager blinded by revenge who enlists in the army in order to destroy the Titans by laying waste to his city and devouring his mother.

The manga became a mass phenomenon and is part of the select group of less than twenty series that exceed 100 million copies sold globally, adding physical and digital versions. It has been published in 21 countries and territories, and distributed in about 180.

Issue of the Bessatsu Shonen Magazine that will include the last chapter of Attack on Titan. #Give Your Hearts Forever

– Attack on Titan Wiki (@SnkWikiEs) April 5, 2021
The story addresses issues such as ethnic discrimination or clashes of political thought, from radical to more moderate, a theme that some specialized critics consider could be behind its viralization in the current times of information overload and distrust of justice and truth. .

The comic was adapted in 2013 to animation in a series that has ended up having four seasons and in 2015 two real-action feature films and a miniseries were released. Argentine filmmaker Andy Muschietti ( It , 2017) is working on another film adaptation for the Warner Bros studio .


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