One of the UK’s largest suppliers of seasonal influenza vaccines has same there’ll be a delay in jab deliveries to some doctor surgeries because of problems related to a shortage of HGV drivers.

Seqirus, one in all the world’s largest influenza vaccinum firms, same it had told customers regarding delays of up to a time period.

The company same it had been “working exhausting to resolve the delay”.

NHS England says patients who are affected will be contacted by their doctor.

Seqirus, that provides vaccines to doctor practices and pharmacies in England and Wales, said: “Due to unforeseen challenges coupled with road freight delays, we’ve educated all our customers of a resultant delay to their regular vaccinum delivery by a most of 1 to 2 weeks.

The company, that is one in all variety of suppliers, same customers would be able to schedule their influenza vaccination clinics.

The skilled body representing GPs same it’d hit practices.

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“This is news we actually did not wish to hear”, same Dr city Howsam, chairperson of the Royal college of GPs.

“With over thirty six million individuals eligible for the influenza vaccinum on the NHS this year, GPs would like the provision chain to run like mechanism.

Dr Howsam same GPs are “already beneath monumental pressure and still looking forward to details of however the Covid booster campaign can align with everything else they have to try to to this winter”.

Doctors meticulously arrange jabs every year, he said, adding that it’s “essential that as many folks as possible in at-risk teams get their vaccination as early into the influenza season as possible”.

“A delay of even a handful of weeks goes to own an enormous impact on practices and their patients, particularly once GPs area unit already managing the fallout caused by the shortage of biopsy bottles and therefore the anxiety this can be inflicting.”

“General apply and therefore the entire NHS depends on the sleek roll-out of the winter influenza vaccination programme. It cannot fail,” he said.

Doctors area unit already dealing with a shortage of blood test tube vials due to produce chain problems.

GP pressure

Dr Richard Vautrey, British Medical Association doctor committee chairman, same the delay is probably going to have an effect on a “significant proportion” of applys – and have a “serious impact” on practice workloads and patients.

He said: “Many practices can have spent the previous couple of days and weeks meticulously designing for his or her influenza vaccination programme, invitatory and booking patients sure their jabs, solely currently to own to contact all of them once more to cancel or schedule appointments.

“This causes an enormous increase in staff’s already unsustainable workloads, and inconvenience and gratuitous anxiety for patients WHO are keen to be protected before winter.

Labour’s shadow health secretary Jon Ashworth said: “GPs area unit at their wits’ finish, 1st forced to cancel blood tests thanks to bottle shortages and currently we have a tendency to learn influenza vaccines are delayed.

“This has been a summer of crisis for the NHS with patients paying the worth.

“With winter returning and influenza revitalization an enormous risk, ministers should desperately get a footing.”


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