The UK can got to directly interact with the Taliban over priorities like aiding potential evacuees to go away Asian country, saint Raab has aforementioned.

Speaking when talks in Qatar, the united kingdom foreign secretary aforementioned it might not be recognising the militant cluster “any time within the predictable future”.

But he aforementioned co-operation on border crossings was an “important initial test” of its relationship with the West.

And he additional the united kingdom should “adjust to the new reality” when its speedy takeover.

At a news conference in Doha, mr Raab aforementioned Qatar would be Mr “influential player” in exerting a mitigatory influence on the Taliban government.

The Gulf state has hosted the Taliban’s political workplace for eight years, and is in talks with the cluster over reopening Kabul airport.

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After talks with Mr Raab, Qatar’s minister sheik Muhammad bin Abdulrahman al-Thani aforementioned there wasn’t however a “clear indication” of once this may happen.

But he added: “We are operating terribly laborious [and] we tend to stay hopeful that we are going to be ready to operate it as shortly as potential.

“Hopefully within the next few days we are going to hear some excellent news,” he added.

At the beginning of a tour of the region, Mr Raab command talks with sheik Muhammad, beside the swayer of Qatar.

British officers are meeting senior religious movement leaders in Doha and that they can temporary the foreign secretary on the result of these talks.

The ministry aforementioned the British embassy to Afghanistan, that alienated of capital of Afghanistan last week, was currently up and running in Doha.

After the conferences Mr Raab told the reporters: “We won’t be recognising the religious movement. however we tend to do see the necessity to be ready to have direct engagement, otherwise we won’t give messages, we won’t hear the response.

“There area unit some early tests for the religious movement. One was their approach to the airport throughout the evacuation. currently we’re into a special area.

“Can we tend to see safe passage provided out of Afghanistan? that may be quite necessary initial take a look at – we’d like to be ready to discuss that, or interact on it.”

He additional the group’s co-operation would even be needed to confirm a “permissive climate” for aid employees operating within the country.

But he aforementioned the govt. would choose the religious movement on its “actions not words”.

Mr Raab’s trip to Qatar came hours when he was grilled by MPs on the Commons foreign affairs committee about the UK’s withdrawal from Asian country.

The foreign secretary defended his handling of the crisis, saying the united kingdom was “caught out” by the speed of the autumn of Kabul to the Taliban, with intelligence at the time suggesting it might hold out till the top of the year.


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