China  told on Thursday broadcaster  its crackdown on the entertainment industry, directing broadcasters to bar artistes with immoral records and “incorrect political positions” and ban men who are “effeminate styles ”.

A “patriotic atmosphere” should be cultivated and propagated in shows, China’s National Radio and Television Administration  said in a notice published on Thursday .

Read  an English translation of the NRTA notice as reported by the

Global Times ,“Individuals with a wrong political stance, those who go against the country and the Communist Party of China should not be employed by the industry. The same goes for those who violate Chinese laws or social moralities”.

The notice made a specific mention of banning what it called “abnormal aesthetics”, describing it as the style propagated by “feminine men” on television.

It added, “Set up the correct aesthetic orientation of the programme, strictly grasp the selection of actors’ and guests’ performance style, clothing and makeup, resolutely put an end to the effeminate men other abnormal aesthetic,” the notice said.Entertainment involving “vulgar” internet celebrities, scandals and flaunting of wealth should be rejected.

New regulations come in the backdrop of a number of recent scandals ranging from tax evasion, rape allegations and the visit of a star to a controversial shrine for the war-dead in Japan involving popular online and television actors.

Last week, the Cyberspace Administration of China said it will crack down on the chaotic culture of online celebrity fan culture as part of the campaign to correct the internet sector.

China’s official news agency, Xinhua has strongly denounced fan culture, saying fan loyalty “can turn blind and toxic, giving rise to online trolling, impulsive buying, rumour-mongering, cyberspace manhunts and other problems”.

According to the Global Times, the China Association of Performing Arts has also called for artists’ agencies to embrace their responsibilities to educate and guide performers and not to encourage performers’ illegal and immoral behaviours.

In  last week, the China Federation of Literary and Art Workers Professional Ethics Committee held a forum in Beijing, criticising what it called “unhealthy fan culture” including male stars that it deems have a more “feminine” image.


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