Afghanistan’s  vice-president Amrullah Saleh , has lashed out at United States of America, Saleh said super power US “decided to be mini power”. which announced that last of its soldiers have left the Afghanistan , thereby ending the 20 year long mission.

A super power decided to be mini power that is OK,” Saleh said on Twitter.”Afghanistan  wasn’t packed & put in the bag of the last US solider The country is here. Drivers are flowing & d mountains are majestic. Talibs area an unpopular proxy force & hated that is why the whole country wants to escape from them.

Saleh left capital city Kabul after Afghanistan’s takeover by the Taliban on August 15, and made his base in Panjshir valley the only place which has not been captured by the insurgent group.

Saleh, along with Ahmad Massoud, the son of powerful military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud who took on the Taliban in 1990s, has been giving tough fight to the Sunni Pashtun fighters.

Saleh considers Ahmad Shah Massoud as his mentor and has vowed not to give up the resistance against Taliban.

 local media reports said that the Taliban attacked an outpost in the Panjshir province but were held off by resistance forces. Sporadic fighting is going on in the region, the reports further said.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the incident. Local residents in Panjsir say that the Taliban has cut telecommunication networks in the province.

Tolo News states  Gul Haidar, a Panjshir resident , “They have cut off telecommunication services in Panjshir for the last two days. Panjshir people are facing challenges in this regard and cannot get in touch with their relatives living in other parts of the country,”.

The valley lies in the Hindu Kush mountains, approx  90 miles north of Kabul. The Taliban have been unable to take this major holdout of resistance after steam rolling across pro-government  in a matter of months.


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