Megan Fox communicated interest in reviving Jennifer’s Body in either the type of a continuation or conceivably a TV series. Delivered in 2009, the repulsiveness satire advanced into a commended religion exemplary regardless of its absence of achievement in the cinematic world. Both essayist Diablo Cody and Fox pinned the negative gathering of Jennifer’s Body on helpless marketing. Since Fox’s break into Hollywood, which was certify to her part as Mikaela in Transformers, she fostered an inconsistent relationship with the industry all in all and the media’s limiting depiction of her as exclusively a sex image absent a lot of reach. Accordingly, fans saw Fox’s sluggish change out of the spotlight and into jobs more explicit to her liking, including the well known person Reagan on New Girl.

In a new interview with Washington Post, Fox opened up about various individual themes, including her longing to continue Jennifer’s Body’s storyline in a continuation film or TV show. She additionally examined her fight with Hollywood’s inherent sexism before and her inability to manage the boundaries of said framework. As Fox enters her mid 30’s, she is making intends to further push her re-entrance once more into the film scene. In any case, she’s not looking to book simply anything. In spite of various contents she has perused with comparable characteristics, none of them very match the novel type of Jennifer’s Body.

I don’t think it’s a hard film to make a continuation of. That is to say, they should make it into a TV series. That would be cool.

It’s a given that, throughout the span of the most recent twelve years, there’s been a prominent flood in famous movies composed and coordinated by ladies. In addition, crowds have generally expected more stories driven by lead female characters in manners that haven’t been done previously. There’s likewise been a growing interest in the awfulness classification for female leads past the virginal “final young lady” fighting for her life in act 3. Notwithstanding its structure, should Jennifer’s Body get back to the screen, it’s protected to accept that it wouldn’t be forward thinking this time around.
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