Teyonah Parris

In a new interview, Teyonah Parris, star of the upcoming MCU installment The Marvels, expressed her excitement for a Monica Rambeau, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel team-up. The film is a sequel to 2019’s Captain Marvel, and will see Brie Larson return as Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. Veteran Marvel actors Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Randall Park (Jimmy Woo), will likewise be reprising their roles for The Marvels, as well as introducing Iman Vellani as breakout superhero, Kamala Khan, a.k.a., Ms. Marvel.

However Monica was given compelling powers during her WandaVision bend, she’s linked to seemingly the strongest hero in the MCU. Captain Marvel’s powers are basically unmatched among the fellow Avengers, allowing her to sit atop the rundown. Not just does Carol have the prototypical superhero attributes like strength, sturdiness, speed, healing, and reflexes, however her powers are photon-based. She can assimilate dangerous levels of energy while likewise manipulating enormous energy in the type of proton impacts. In her binary structure, Captain Marvel is nearly unstoppable since the forceful quality considers flight and augmented toughness. The comics’ version of Monica in her Spectrum or Photon bend puts her at a comparable level as Captain Marvel, yet the MCU version isn’t quite there yet.

Teyonah Parris

When Monica was blasted through the Hex by Wanda, the energy rewrote her DNA. In time, it was revealed Monica’s altered physiology gave her the abilities of spectral vision, which allowed her to view energy from the electromagnetic spectrum. Like Captain Marvel, Monica now has the power of energy assimilation, yet she likewise has kinetic energy ingestion, rendering her bulletproof. When a firearm was fired at Billy and Tommy in WandaVision, Monica stepped before the discharges as they passed through her body, slowing down the bullets in the process.

If Monica somehow managed to battle Captain Marvel in the MCU, Carol would clearly have the upper hand. Granted, Monica is as yet in the process of learning the true nature of her powers as she scarcely scratched the surface with her immense potential in WandaVision. On the off chance that the character evolves into a hero, Captain Marvel would have a new competitor in the franchise’s strongest hero. Monica’s comic book power permits the figure to change herself into any type of energy. Aside from flight, this unfading version of Monica can become invisible. In case the MCU’s Monica gets even a part of her comic book counterpart’s, she might actually be an equal when compared to Captain Marvel.


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