Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee’s girl Shannon has reacted to Quentin Tarantino’s guard of the questionable Lee scene in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood. The 2019 film denoted a defining moment in Tarantino’s vocation, using definitely less needless brutality than his past works have offered and bestowed a considerably more nostalgic tone. However, while Once Upon a Time may have been a pleasure to fans and brought home two Oscars, contention has firmly sought after it.

However since the time the arrival of Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, a tireless complaint in regards to the film’s portrayal of Bruce Lee has existed. Seen through Tarantino’s viewpoint, the hand to hand fighting legend is a self-important harasser – any semblance of which has reliably put Tarantino on the back foot. Most as of late, the movie producer protected his interpretation of Lee to Joe Rogan by adding that he saw how Lee’s little girl Shannon could disapprove of the portrayal of her dad. Thus, things have gotten considerably more warmed, with Shannon composing an opinion piece regarding the matter for THR. In it, Shannon mourns the continuous discourtesy her dad’s inheritance has suffered by men like Tarantino:

As you definitely know, the depiction of Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood by Mr. Tarantino, as I would like to think, was incorrect and pointless no doubt. (If it’s not too much trouble, we should not fault entertainer Mike Moh. He did what he could with what he was given.) And while I am thankful that Mr. Tarantino has so liberally recognized to Joe Rogan that I may have my sentiments about his depiction of my dad, I am likewise thankful for the chance to communicate this: I’m truly f***ing worn out on white men in Hollywood attempting to disclose to me who Bruce Lee was.

As far as Lee’s portrayal in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, there’s no getting away from the way that let’s just leave the past behind us. That doesn’t imply that Lee’s girl or enthusiasts of the late combative techniques wonder ought to forget about it, just that there’s no evolving it. It’s awful that Tarantino settled on the choices he did with respect to the person, yet ideally Shannon’s opinion piece will make it clear unequivocally that, in spite of the fact that he stays a worldwide superstar, her dad was a lot more to the individuals who knew and adored him.


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