A person from Afghanistan on the UK’s no-fly watchlist was flown into Birmingham as a part of the evacuation of Kabul, governing body confirmed.

The individual, who was known as being on the watchlist on arrival within the Britain, was later not deemed an individual of interest once investigation.

The no-fly watchlist is employed to prevent individuals returning to the united kingdom who are thought to be a security threat.

The Home workplace aforementioned the person was flagged in an exceedingly “rigorous checks process”.

Someone are often placed on the no-fly watchlist because of previous serious criminal conduct likewise as act of terrorism, the BBC’s home affairs correspondent Daniel Sandford according.

He aforementioned it absolutely was accepted mistakes may happen throughout process at Kabul’s field because of the speed and scale of the evacuation operation.

Labour’s shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds said: “An organized exit strategy would have ensured the mandatory checks were in place, therefore this sort of lapse could not happen.”

Afghanistan is on the Covid travel red list, that means arrivals into England should quarantine in an exceedingly government-approved building for ten days.

The UK is one among variety of Western countries process individuals eligible for evacuation out of Afghanistan once the Taliban seized management of Kabul.

A team at Kabul field led by British ambassador Sir Laurie Bristow is beneath large pressure to method as many folks as attainable prior to a thirty one August point in time.

The Ministry of Defence aforementioned 7,109 people had been exhausted from Afghanistan on Britain flights since thirteen August.

Those exhausted embrace British nationals, diplomatic workers, and Afghans eligible for relocation as a result of they worked for the united kingdom government in frontline roles or are otherwise thought of to be in danger beneath a Taliban administration.


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