People facing eviction from rental properties in county say action continues to be required over demand and rent rises or they face feat the county.

More than a hundred individuals protested in Truro on Saturday concerning housing issues.

Protesters additionally aforesaid homes being became vacation lets was additionally adding to difficulties.

Cornwall Council aforesaid earlier this year it round-faced “exceptional pressures” on housing because of the Covid-19 pandemic, however additionally aforesaid it had been a “top priority”.

The county is believed to be beneath housing pressure as a result of varied factors, as well as an increase within the would like for emergency accommodation throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Urban flight – with staff moving out of cities – was additionally having a control, the Resolution Foundation company aforesaid in April.

The stamp tax vacation, that complete on thirty June, is additionally believed to possess seen properties taken out of the rental market; still as some landlords commerce up or that specialize in holidays lets.

Cornwall council member Loveday Jenkin, of political party Mebyon Kernow, aforesaid all such factors were having a control and adding to renters’ worries.

She said: “There is often progressing to be increasing demand in county as a result of it is a beautiful place to measure. Well, it’s a stunning place to measure if you have got a house and you have got cash.”

Sophie Leightley aforesaid her housing difficulties meant she was having to think about a serious modification.

She said: “I’ve been given my eviction notice. I even have six weeks left, and there aren’t any rentals to search out.

“I’m progressing to have to be compelled to inspect alternative opportunities outside the county.”

The council aforesaid on Friday it had been restating its “commitment to serving to residents laid low with the new pressure on housing in Cornwall”, with leader Linda Taylor speech it had been “the prime priority for this new administration”.

She said: “Things will not recover long, however we have a tendency to square measure acting fleetly and doing everything in our power to handle each the immediate problems and implement the additional ambitious long arrange county must formidable good reasonable housing for our residents.”


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