Kabul has been generally calm since Taliban forces entered on Sunday .Twelve people have been killed in and around the airport since Sunday, a NATO and a Taliban official said.  & The deaths were caused either by gun shots .

The Taliban on Thursday urged crowds of Afghans waiting outside Kabul airport in the hope of fleeing the country to go home, saying they did not want to hurt anyone, a day after Taliban fighters fired at protesters, killing three, witnesses said.

He urged people who do not have the legal right to travel to go home. “We don’t want to hurt anyone at the airport,” said the Taliban official. 8,000 people have been flown out since Sunday, a Western security official said.

“It’s a complete disaster. The Taliban were firing into the air, pushing people, beating them with AK-47s,” said one person trying to get out on Wednesday.

 President Donald Trump’s administration, the United States agreed to withdraw its forces in exchange for a Taliban guarantee they would not let Afghanistan be used to launch terrorist attacks.The Taliban also agreed not to attack foreign forces as they left.

President Joe Biden said U.S. forces would remain until the evacuation of Americans was finished, even if that meant staying past a Aug. 31 U.S. deadline for withdrawal.

The Taliban have been putting on a moderate face, saying they have changed since their 1996-2001 rule when they severely restricted women, staged public executions and blew up ancient Buddhist status.

The  eastern city of Jalalabad on Wednesday marked the first major display of collective defiance of the Taliban takeover. The  country would celebrate Afghanistan’s 1919 independence from British control on Aug. 19, but scenes in Jalalabad raised the prospect that people could use the patriotic occasion to protest.

  hundreds of people in Jalalabad with the black, red and green tricolour flying from rooftops and carried by some protesters. Media reported they had torn down the white Taliban flag.

The centre of opposition to the Taliban is the Panjshir Valley, an ethnic-Tajik stronghold to the northeast of Kabul.

Waheedullah Hashimi, a senior member of the group said, The Taliban government may take the form of a ruling council with supreme leader Haibatullah Akhundzada in overall charge.


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