After the Taliban captured the major provinces, Afghan diplomats including President Ashraf Ghani flee from the country leaving the citizens in chaos.

 After the last US troop left Afghanistan, the Taliban intensified its violent activities and started capturing the major cities of Afghanistan.

Terrified citizens of Afghanistan are desperate to leave the country as it is evident that the Taliban’s rule will only make their life miserable.  Pandit Rajesh Kumar, the last Hindu priest of the Rattan Nath temple, has decided not to leave the country despite being offered help.The priest reportedly said that he could not leave the temple as his ancestors had served the mandir for hundreds of years.

Bhardwaj shared Rajesh Kumar’s story  on social media  “Some Hindus have urged me to leave Kabul & offered to arrange for my travel and stay.

 Pandit Rajesh Kumar said,  My  ancestors served this Mandir for hundreds of years. I will not abandon it. If Taliban kills me, I consider it my Seva,”. “The temple looks like any normal residential house from outside so as to not draw any undue attention”

The ministry of External affairs said in a statement that india will help members of Afghanistan tiny sikh and hindu community to come to india .”we are in constant touch with the representatives of afghan sikh and hindu communities. We will facilitate repatriation to india of those who wish to leave Afghanistan” foreign ministry spokesman arindam bagchi said in a statement.

h Taliban insurgents took over Kabul on Sunday (August 15) after the US-backed Afghan government collapsed and President Ghani fled the country, bringing an unprecedented end to a two-decade campaign in which the US and its allies had tried to transform the war-t .

Sirsa said,”Taliban leaders have met them and assured them of their safety . we are hopeful that hindus and Sikhs we would be able to live a safe and secure life despite political and military changes happening in Afghanistan “


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