Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani left the war-torn country on Sunday because the Taliban entered the capital Kabul and that they were seeking complete power. Earlier, the insurgents had ordered their troops to stay outside the Afghan capital earlier than talks on a peaceful transition of power. The Western-backed Ghani is claimed to own left once resigning because the President. 
Ghani’s destination was unsure. Whereas a senior interior ministry official aforesaid he had left for Republic of Tajikistan, a remote ministry official aforesaid his location was unknown and therefore the Taleban said it had been checking his whereabouts. Some native social media users branded him a “coward” for going them in chaos.

Two officers from the militant Muhammedan cluster told Reuters there would be no transformation government following their lightning sweep across Islamic State of Afghanistan, 20 years once they were overthrown by US-led forces.

There were reports of noncontinuous gunshot round the town, however there was no important fighting and therefore the Taleban aforesaid they were awaiting the Western-backed government to surrender peacefully.
The us is evacuating its embassy in national capital, aforesaid secretary of state Anthony Blinken, whereas maintaining the “Afghan mission” has been Television. tv pictures showed a stream of helicopter flights, transportation passengers from the U.S.A. embassy to the airport as native Afghan forces, trained for years and equipped by the us et al. for billions of dollars, melted away.


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