Tumph and Joe Biden

With the Taliban knocking at Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, Trump has hit his successor with” MISS ME YET?” where the Taliban has captured almost the entire nation.

This capture has led to huge embarrassment for the U.S President, Joe Biden who mentioned that he is struck due to Trump’s administration’s plan that states ending war and withdrawing US troops.

Twenty-two years of investment that is two dollar trillion and with it it has been dangered of almost 2500 lives of U.S folks which has lead to complete disintegration of within few weeks as Taliban cap

tures Kandahar, Herat and now is almost near to capture the capital city Kabul. This is the deadly saddest news to come across.
However in the Trump administration, a deal has been made to withdraw US Troops from Afghanistan in February 2020, the deal was made with the Taliban.

The Wahington has come up with saying to Joe Biden about Taliban’s rule where they mention about the risk on Afghanistan since 2001 that even includes education of girls which is banned by the Taliban that decision was made when they last ruled.

Biden has argued that the United States achieved its main goal of defeating Al-Qaeda after the 9/11 attack and had successfully done enough by training 300,000 Afghan troops. “They’ve got to fight for themselves, fight for their nation,” Biden mentioned
Critics are parallel created chaos as the fall of Saigon in 1975 but the US president at that, Gerald Ford, had been in office for less than a year and has rarely cast historians as the sole to blame for the tortured US experience in Vietnam.


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