Six decades of history of the Colombian theater have just been declared Patrimony of the Nation. It is the collection of the Puppet Theater of Jaime Manzur, who died in 2019.

The National Council for Cultural Heritage approved the declaration as a National Heritage Site of Cultural Interest, in recognition of the teacher’s legacy.

This collection brings together a significant set of puppets, costumes, backdrops, posters, sketches, and music and voice recordings.

The pieces, mostly conceived by the master, who had them exhibited in his puppet theater in Chapinero, were used in operas, zarzuelas, children’s stories and folkloric paintings.

With this declaration, the conservation and study of the legacy of this teacher is ensured, work carried out by the Ministry of Culture with the Jaime Manzur Foundation and the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad de los Andes.

Maestro Jaime Manzur was born in 1937 and during his artistic life he worked as a dancer, artistic and stage director of the theater, set designer, painter, sculptor, educator, costume designer, and historian of furniture and clothing.

“The Ministry of Culture has supported the Jaime Manzur Foundation in the preparation of the preliminary list of puppets and costumes, in the design and adaptation of the reserve area and the production of rolling furniture, as well as conservation units for these goods. It also published the book Heritage between curtains: the Jaime Manzur Foundation puppet collection ’, in 2019,” highlighted the Minister of Culture, Angélica Mayolo.

“The collection is made up of a significant set of puppets, costumes, backdrops, posters, costume sketches and curtains, and recordings of music and voice, made with exceptional technique and great detail,” adds the ministry’s document.

He also talks about artistic and historical research, the rigor of a good performance, the process of conception and direction of works, the manufacture of puppets and scenographies, and the making of costumes.


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