One, who is kind of optimistic, quotes the eighteenth century author Samuel Johnson: “When a person is aware of he’s to be hanged in an exceedingly two weeks, it concentrates his mind splendidly.”

It’s a regard to the party’s position within the polls – significantly behind Labour – and a hoped for instinct to concentrate on them.

Another senior figure points out that the debates between Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have felt a lot of less resistance in recent weeks, one thing that was significantly noticeable within the final campaigning at Wembley Arena the opposite night.

But others – some who backed Liz Truss, and a few who backed Rishi Sunak – are a lot of less optimistic.

One senior figure points out the party’s poll ratings have plunged since Boris Johnson resigned and also the campaign has raged, effort many MPs in marginal seats gloomy.

Then there’s the battalion of Sunak supporters within the parliamentary party.


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