On Friday China dismissed the World Health Organization calls for a renewed probe into the origin of the Covid-19 pandamic , stated  it supported scientific over political efforts to find out how the disease started.

A senior Chinese diplomat stated , The proposal was also made without full consultation with member states,“We oppose political tracingmand abandoning the joint report”, which was issued after a WHO expert team visited Wuhan in January, vice foreign minister Ma Zhaoxu told reporters.

The Corona  virus first find  in the Chinese city of Wuhan in late 2019 before spreading in and outside China, triggering the worst pandemic in a century.According  to the US-based Johns Hopkins University’s widely followed coronavirus tracker ,The pandemic has so far claimed more than 4.3 million lives and infected over 205.3 million people.

Ma added that Beijing was always ready to cooperate in tracing Covid-19’s origin and had never rejected cooperation. But China rejects the politicisation of the probe, Chinese state media quoted Ma as saying.

Ma said, In terms of the next-phase of the Covid-19 tracing work,  Ma had told Chinese state media that 48 countries had submitted a joint letter to the WHO director-general on the origin of the Covid-19 virus.

The WHO on Thursday urged all governments to cooperate to accelerate studies into the origin of the pandemic and “to depoliticise the situation”.

National health commission vice minister Zeng Yixin told reporters in June that the WHO’s second planned probe had listed the hypothesis that China had violated lab regulations and leaked the virus as one of the major research objectives, and he was “very shocked” after reading the proposal.

He said ,“Facts  that the political manipulation by use of  tracing violates human conscience, and it is immoral and unpopular. The rock they are lifting will end up hitting their own toes,”.

 He said, “We hope the WHO can carefully consider the advice by Chinese scientists, take investigating the origin of the Covid-19 virus as a scientific question free from political interference, and proactively .

Zeng said China cannot accept the current of the WHO plan because it has been compromised by political manipulation and disrespects scientific facts.


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