New cases  to the highest weekly level in the United States as the country started witnessing a fresh surge of coronavirus infections. The  new cases in the US rose to 761,216 on  Sunday, the highest total since early February, According to a report by Bloomberg.

The fresh surge has been fuelled by the Delta mutation of the coronavirus and most of the positive samples have been found of the unvaccinated people.

 According to Bloomberg, the death toll has also risen to record levels as it climbed 49% to 3,486 for the same period. It was the biggest weekly increase since December.

The US is at the top of the list of the countries worst affected by the Covid-19 . Since the onset of the covid 19 , the cases have grown exponentially in the country along with fatalities.

The trajectory slowed down after the shift in vaccination drive the appointment of Joe Biden as the President, making it more organised, expanding the distribution to maximum age groups.

The  John Hopkins’ tally showed,  More than 616,800 Americans have yield  to the viral infection that targets the immunity system of the body. The number of total infections  at 35,948,131.

Oregon along with other states reimplemented face mask norms. Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Monday said that he will not repeal his emergency order banning local governments from requiring mask use and social distancing. People are able to make their own decisions on protecting their health.

Anthony Fauci, on Sunday , the US’ top infectious disease doctor, said he’s “strongly in favour of speeding booster shots to people with weakened immune systems, a further sign of how the delta variant is shifting the strategies for curbing the covid 19.

Mississippi’s top public health official on Monday said that as Covid-19 cases continue to surge with the highly contagious delta variant, no intensive care beds are available in 35 of the state’s top-level hospitals. Hospitalizations for Covid-19 have hit a record high in some other states including Louisiana, Arkansas.


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