It has conjointly emerged that fans, together with city town Region mayor Steve Rotheram, were robbed and ill-treated.

Mr Byrne aforesaid Uefa’s apology was “a welcome acknowledgement of the horrors that were suffered by each sets of supporters”.

He added: “But we want to still demand a full public apology and retraction of the smears that got concerning the city fans relating to the delayed kick-off and everything else that is happened”.
The chaos diode to the match being delayed by thirty six minutes, with Uefa at first blaming late arrivals even supposing footage showed thousands of fans had started queuing a minimum of 2 hours before kick-off.

The claim was condemned by Merseyside cops acting at the match yet as journalists news on the ultimate who same “fans didn’t arrive late”.

France’s interior minister Gerald Darmanin later claimed there had been “industrial-scale” price ticket fraud which quite 30,000 city fans had faux tickets or no tickets outside the sports stadium.

However this was controversial by many supporters and Liverpool defender Andy Robertson who aforesaid an acquaintance to whom he had given a price ticket was denied entry.


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