The government should either scrap or fix a troubled fashionable armored vehicle programme – or risk compromising national security, a report has same.

A review of the Ajax project by the general public Accounts Committee (PAC) finished a “litany of failures” had led to the years-long delays.

So far no operational vehicles are delivered, despite the 12-year-old project already costing over £3bn.

The new military vehicle was speculated to enter service in 2017.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) same it in agreement with several of the recommendations and was taking steps to deal with them.
It other that to any extent further delays wouldn’t be acquired by the payer, because of the mounted value contract of £5.5bn united with a us weapons manufacturer.

Built by General Dynamics, the Ajax armoured vehicles area unit speculated to offer the military with the newest innovative digital tract technology.

Since the contract was signed in 2014, the project has delivered twenty six intelligence operation vehicles out of a secure 589 vehicles – which might solely be used for coaching.

The committee report expressed disbelief that the Ajax programme can be delivered among existing contract arrangements.

The committee same delays had forced the military to create “operational compromises” like prolonging preparation of the someone armored vehicle, that was initial utilized in 1987.

It argues that the project has been poorly planned and managed, with major questions of safety discovered throughout testing leading to the many delays.

As of Dec 2021, quite three hundred military personnel might are injured by excessive vibration and noise


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