The committee same management of the Ajax project had been “flawed from the outset” and therefore the MoD had “once once more created basic mistakes” in coming up with and managing a serious military instrumentality programme.

The committee conjointly warned that the department still failed to recognize once Ajax would enter service or if the noise and vibration issues can be resolved – 2 years when initial being raised.

However, the military has same it’s “cautiously optimistic” that Ajax will enter service by 2030.

Committee presiding officer Dame large integer Hillier same the govt. “must fix or fail this programme, before a lot of risk to our national security and a lot of billions of taxpayers’ cash wasted”.

“These recurrent failures are putting strain on older capabilities that are due for replacement and are directly threatening the security of our service folks and their ability to safeguard the state and meet NATO commitments”.

The report conjointly cautioned that more delays would increase the probabilities of constant to miss targets, urging ministers to look at alternatives to the overall Dynamics contract if it fails.


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