The Public and industrial Services union (PCS) responded angrily on Fri, with a threat of strike action.

General secretary Mark Serwotka aforementioned “hardworking PCS members WHO unbroken the country running throughout the pandemic… won’t be the scapegoats for a failing government”.

“The government complains concerning longer delays for passports and driving licences at an equivalent time as sacking the folks that are operating thus exhausting to clear the backlog,” aforementioned man Serwotka.

“This isn’t concerning potency. this can be concerning the prime minister making an attempt to form a smokescreen to cut back from his utter shambles of a government.”

The union can hold its annual conference in ten days, with national strike action “very a lot of on the table”, he added.

Recruitment freeze

Mr Rees-Mogg wouldn’t be drawn on that departments may face cuts. He aforementioned that secretaries of states and quangos – organisations funded by taxpayers however not controlled directly by government – were answerable for the resourcing of their own departments.


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