The Taliban continues to make rapid gains in Afghanistan, the United States on Saturday asked its citizens to immediately leave  war-torn Afghanistan . The US embassy in Kabul said, that its ability to assist Americans in Afghanistan is extremely limited given the security conditions and reduced staffing in the wake of increasing violence and threat reports.

The US urges its citizen to leave Afghanistan immediately using commercial flight options.

The militants of the Islamist fundamentalist group have several Afghan cities and taken control of a provincial capital. On Friday,  the Taliban fighters shot dead the head of the Afghan government’s media information centre near a mosque in Kabul.

The US Embassy further stated that it can provide a repatriation loan to its nationals who cannot afford to purchase a ticket for a commercial flight to the United States. Also added  “Domestic flights and ground transportation routes outside of Kabul are severely limited and subject to cancellation or closure,”.

 The US state department has maintained the travel advisory for Afghanistan at Level 4, the highest of all, owing to crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, armed conflict, and coronavirus disease  pandemic.

Jen  psaki White House spokesperson  told a media on Friday that the Biden administration is “closely tracking” and is “concerned about” their  retaliatory killings of civilians in Taliban controlled areas.

“The President made clear: After 20 years at war, it’s time for American troops to come home. And as he said at the time, the status quo was not an option. The Taliban was prepared to attack US and Nato troops after May 1st, which was the deadline for our departure,” .


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