Social media platforms are intended to be used to express one’s views and opinions, communicate with others, and share important world news updates. Though this is correct, some people have been misusing the platforms. According to a survey, more than 58 percent of young females are subjected to online harassment or abuse. Despite numerous efforts, nothing appears to be putting a full stop to such cases.

Recently, Divya Gandotra Tandon, a well-known young entrepreneur from India’s Jammu and Kashmir region, suffered from mental trauma as a single person bugged her incessantly. Not only was the person threatening to hurt her, but he also made it difficult for her to think rationally. Her mental health suffered as a result of the online harassment, and she began to feel physically and mentally unsafe.

On July 20, 2021, Divya completely broke down and tweeted something that caused many people to worry about her. However, Divya quickly removed the tweet from the platform, but not before a few of her followers saw it. The tweet implied that Divya was losing her mind and could kill herself. Shivam Bhatt, a Twitter user, saw her tweet and responded immediately and tweeted for help from a few IPS officers and the J&K police.

Fortunately, IPS Arun Bothra stepped forward to assist her and provide mental support. He made certain she did not take any drastic measures and guided her through the trauma. Meanwhile, many of her followers tried to get an update on her health and were constantly attempting to contact her. Despite their failure, Divya made a positive comeback on Twitter today and assured everyone that she is fine now.

Luckily, IPS Arun Bothra came forward to help her and provided mental support to her. He made sure that she didn’t take any extreme steps and guided her out of the trauma. In the meanwhile, many of her followers tried to get an update on her wellbeing and were constantly trying to get in touch with her. Though they failed in doing so, today, Divya made a positive comeback on Twitter and assured everyone that she is fine now.

“There is always a new beginning,” Divya tweeted. It meant she had moved on from the incident and was looking forward to starting over. Though this isn’t the first time a girl has been harassed on the internet, seeing people come forward for help shows that there is still hope in the world.


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