Indonesia’s recorded  due to the coronavirus disease Covid-19 crossed the 100,000 death mark on Wednesday,  the country continues to suffer from the fast wave of the  compounded by the spread of the Delta variant.

 Indonesia is the second country in Asia after India to reach this grim milestone. Health ministry data showed that Indonesia recorded 1,747 deaths in the previous  24 hours,  count to 100,636. Total number of infections had reached 3.53 million .

Indonesia has now joined the list of countries including India and Brazil which have lost more than 100,000 people due to Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

According to  Associated Press, it took 14 months for Indonesia to cross the 50,000-mark at the end of May this year, and just more than two months to double it.

Indonesia  with a severe shortage of oxygen to treat critical patients. Hospitals across have been running out of beds because of which many of such patients are dying either by isolating at home or waiting to receive urgent care.

 The World Health Organization said that hospitals require more isolation rooms, oxygen supplies, medical and personal equipment and also body bags and mobile field hospitals

 June,  over 2,800 people have died during self-isolation at home, according to data presented by crowd sourcing platform LaporCovid-19, which keeps track of deaths at home.

 In  July, when the highly infectious Delta variant emerged, more than 30,000 deaths were reported in the country, over triple than the 7,914 deaths seen in June.  

The government in July had implement  the strict curbs on movement in Java island and Bali to curb the spread of Covid-19, and further introduced similar curbs across the country.

Even though the government is now speeding up its vaccination  and has diverted most of the industrial oxygen production for medical use and has come up with more isolation rooms and field hospitals, the situation still remains critical.

According  to Bloomberg, Just 8% of the total 270 million in Indonesia have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and the government is aiming to administer 2.5 million doses a day in August and in September.   Those  people who haven’t been inoculated, 80% said they were waiting for a slot, are looking out for available vaccines or haven’t been vaccinated due to other reasons.


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