China has  vaccination campaign among minors as authorities try to control  in cases driven by the Delta variant . Mostly  450 people have been infected in 2 weeks, with  outbreak spreading to at least 18 provinces and sending millions into lockdown. 71 new domestic cases were reported on Wednesday for the previous day, the highest daily count in China since January.

China is scrambling to contain the new outbreak, which started from the eastern city of Nanjing in the third week of July.Cities such as Nanjing, Zhengzhou and Wuhan have ordered mass testing of all residents  in Nanjing’s case, the 4th  of testing is currently ongoing.Authorities feel vaccinating minors could help in containing the outbreak.

A vaccination  for minors aged  12 to 17 should be expanded across the country, an education ministry notice said on Tuesday . A few Chinese provinces had announced vaccination plans for the 12-17 age group in July, but the campaign hadn’t really taken off among teenagers.

 By official media said, Vaccination should be promoted to all eligible students below the age of 18, the notice.The anti-Covid  should  be administered both with consent of the students or their guardians, the notice added.

China administered about 19.2 million doses of  vaccines on August 2, bringing shots given to 1.689 billion doses, the highest number in  the world data from the national health commission said on Tuesday  .

 Tao Lina, a Shanghai-based vaccine expert, told the state-run tabloid Global Times that children and teenagers are key groups for China to achieve herd immunity, and most teens do not have immunity to Covid-19, so vaccination could protect them against severe symptoms and death.

 The  suddenly  in cases of the Delta variant has pushed authorities to promote the campaign as teenagers are considered to be an important part of the effort to build herd immunity in society.

Xinhua reported on Wednesday. “travel restrictions, including temporary  of airports and travel alerts for citizens to other places across the country”, to ongoing outbreak.  

All 31 provincial regions in the Chinese citizens not to go to medium and high-risk areas for Covid-19 or leave the provinces where they live unless it is necessary. China had 4 high risk areas and 125 medium risk areas for Covid-19.


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