China’s official English television channel, CGTN, has on one of the 4 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers who died fighting Indian troops in Galwan Valley in June 2020 on social media and its website to mark the armed forces’ founding day on August 1.

Chen Hongjun, one of the four PLA troops killed in the brutal fight with Indian border personnel on the night of June 15, 2020.

 Chen’s family members interview  including his wife,  the clash between the two armies, Chinese equipment on the banks of the fast flowing river, soldiers, mostly Chinese, wading in knee-deep water, and personnel from the two sides charging at each other.

Tweeting a  Weibo, the handle  detresfa, which collates open sourced intelligence, posted, “Excerpts from a interview of a PLA martyrs family shows footage of the Galwanvalley clash between  India &  China, the stone pelting, close combat fighting, conditions of soldiers in the river and Chinese equipment on site well documented in these 45 seconds.”

“To mark PLA Day, also known as Army Day, CGTN’s special series brings you Chen’s story,”.  A  propaganda piece aimed at a domestic Chinese audience, begins with a one-sided introduction to the Galwan Valley clash.

Chinese and Indian militaries have pulled  backtroops  from the south and north banks of the bitterly  contested  pangong lake area in eastern ladakh  an agreement reached between the two sideson the process.

“Indian army violated the bilateral consensus and crossed the Line of Actual Control on June 15, 2020,” it says – a claim repeatedly dismissed by India.

It then adds, “Chen Hongjun of the Chinese PLA plunged forward as a shield and rescued his comrade Qi Fabao. However, Chen sacrificed himself. It’s not clear how Chen was killed.


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