On sunday, india assumed the presidancy of UN security council for the month of august taking over france. T S Tirumurti, the Indian permanent representative  to the UN who is understood to his counterparts  as simply  “Tiru”, will hold on Monday morning a traditionncy breakfast that PRs of incoming presidencies host for counterparts from the rest of the 15 member nations whos  permanent and 10 non-permanent.

The top Indian diplomat at the UN clearly enjoyed the effort as he also dealt with other issues of Afghanistan, peacekeeping, maritime security, counter-terrorism, China, Pakistan and all else.

On the menu would  be the usual fare for such working breakfasts: crepes, some breads, juices, coffee and fruits. Some  of Tirumurti’s friends  would mostly  have had something already, something really Indian before heading out  oat clusters with multi-grain flakes and Alphonso mango bits or crunchy millet granola bar or buttermilk millet crackers with caramelised onions, or  some Cajun path  mix.These may  like  aloo-paratha, idli-sambhar or eggs-and-toast breakfasts popular in most Indian homes but each  is made of Indian grains, Indian nuts and fruits  Alfonso, the best known Indian mango around the world with Indian overseas.

The incoming presidency’s breakfast is a Security Council tradition. And Tirumurti will host it at the Permanent Indian Mission, the Charles Correa-designed aesthetic wonder amidst steel-and-glass Manhattan buildings.

  US pull-out from Afghanistan, which will be completed this month, on India’s watch at the UNSC, and Taliban’s possible return to power, Diplomat said .

Breakfast cereal of oat clusters and with multigrain flakes and mango is another grain-based part of the breakfast hamper sent to the UNSC members.

 On  Monday, talk is likely to be focused on the breakfast  sent to all the permanent representatives of the Security Council member nations and deputies. The Indian mission has already heard back from some of them – the Americans, for instance, found the Cajun trail mix “interesting”.

“Indian Alphonso mangoes are picked ripe and freeze to ensure maximum taste, flavour and nutrition. These are combined with a granola like flax seed and oat clusters, and multigrain flakes, making it a much-loved breakfast,” the accompanying note said.

  The  UN  passage of a proposal spearheaded by India to declare 2023 as  the mission had sent “millet murukus” to the UN offices of all 193 member nations.


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