The number of Covid-19 cases in sudden & massive in  Pakistan, the Punjab health authorities have issued an alert after 5 cases of California Epsilon strain of Covid-19 were detected in Lahore.

Epsilon is not a new variant as it is believed to be the second-most dominant variant in New York, but might be new in South Asia. First reported  in California in 2020, the epilson  variant is now present in at least 34 countries and was widespread in the United States.

According to medical experts in Pakistan, as reported by the Epsilon variant had been more resistant to the vaccines and declared a new threat for the vaccinated people who may develop infection again , almost as highly transmissible as the Delta variant. Delta has become the most dominant strain in Pakistan as well.

Punjab Primary & Secondary Healthcare Department Secretary Sarah Aslam said in a statement,  on Friday,“The  health  department had confirm the precence of new strain  saying 23 suspected samples in Lahore and five of them had been found positive for Epsilon,”.

On  5 march 2021, the World Health Organization listed Epsilon as a variant of interest. On 6 july 2021, it has been designated under ‘alerts for further monitoring’.

The University of Washington has found out that the Epsilon variant underwent three mutations and that is why it is potential  to  vaccine protection. Patients may take longer to recover if they are infected by this strain.

On Sunday, Pakistan reported 5,029 Covid-19 cases which is the highest since April 29, when 5,112 infections were reported. Pakistan has achieved 3 crore vaccinations. The Sindh province is the worst affected and is presently under partial lockdown. In the last 24 hours, it reported 2,772 new infections and 30 deaths.

Pakistan has seen a suddenly  spike in the number of positive cases, which is being seen as the fourth wave of the covid 19.


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